Costa Brava Spain – Camping Weekend

This was not a just a regular weekend. This was not just a regular camping. These were not just a regular people.
All of it was fantastic!

There are plenty of camping sites along Costa Brava. I was impressed how good the are.

That weekend we chose Ballena Alegre because our friends were going there but also due to Volskwagen van convention(altough we don’t have one).  For 87 euro we could enjoy the weekend on a great camping site, with friends and crazy VW fans. We arrived Friday afternoon and left Sunday evening. For everything we have experienced it felt like a week.

Here is what we experienced during just one weekend on Costa Brava Spain:

1. Slept in the tent

Costa Brava Spain - Volkswagen tent

Volkswagen tent

That one is actually not ours, but looks so much better.

2. Swam in the swimming pool

Costa Brava Spain - swimming pool

Camping swimming pool

The water in the swimming pool was just divine, as one of our friends said. It was heated somehow because it was warm and after cold spring we had here, it just could not be better.

3. Spent morning on the beach

Costa Brava Spain - Playing on the beach

Like the surfers do

4. Did a bit of kitesurfing (at least some of us)

Costa Brava Spain- Kitesurfer - tired but happy

Kitesurfer – tired but happy

Sant Pere Pescador is a kitesurfing paradise. No doubts about it. Pawel had a chance to try his new board and he totally loved it.

4. Took part in Volkswagen parade

Costa Brava Spain Colourful parade

Colorful parade

We came absolutely unprepared. With no Volkswagen, no appropriate t-shirts but fortunately with friends that knew what to do and what to bring.

Costa Brava Spain- Military Volkswagen

Military Volkswagen

I have never imagine myself drinking beer at the back seat of a military car, full of kids, waving to strangers on the street. I would not expect this to be so great. That is really an experience I would love to repeat.

Costa Brava Spain -VW Parade in L'escala

VW Parade in L’escala

5. Ate meat and pan con tomate at the biggest grill party ever

Costa Brava Spain- Meat, sausages and pan con tomate

Meat, sausages and pan con tomate

The grill party organized next to camping was huge. Everything worked incredibly well. No wonder. If it comes to the food Spanish people are the best organizers.

Costa Brava Spain -Sausage queue

Sausage queue

People were queuing from 8pm till 11pm. Long after we already had our bellies full thanks to Pawel who was there early and let 20 of our friends  in without the queue.

Costa Brava Spain- Grilling area

Grilling area

In Spain nobody would go for a grill without taking the tables and chairs with them. I was impressed.

6. Danced to live music

Costa Brava Spain - Dancing in the Dark

In Spain everything for kids and with kids

7. Met a group of fantastic people!

Costa Brava Spain -The place and people to remember

The place and people to remember

 Thank you for a great experience!!

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  • Uwielbiam takie klimaty! i swego czasu jeździliśmy rodzinnie “Ogórkiem”, takim z kółkiem z przodu! Fantazja.

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