Yachting and dreaming – trip to Port Ginesta

Castelldefels port starts at the end of the Paseo Maritimo ( local beach promenade). The port is small and very pretty. We go there a lot, mostly to watch the beautiful boats and yachts but also to sit and drink the coffee in the sun, even if it’s winter time. Usually Max chooses a boat he would like his daddy to buy for him (it needs to have the bedroom included), and I like reading the names of the boats and make up some stories about their owners.


Port Ginesta -I wonder who is Manuela

I wonder who is Manuela


Watching these boats really makes your think about having one :)


Port Ginesta -Which one do you want?

Which one do you want?


Recently my husband stopped and watched one of them. This one was really a princess. Just took us by our harts. I know nothing about yachting, I don’t even know what is the difference between yacht and sailboat (perhaps there is none?). But when I was looking at this one, I already saw myself with my hair blown by the wind, sailing towards the sunset.


Port Ginesta -Dreaming husband

Dreaming husband


I really like when Pawel is dreaming that way. That means he is visualizing his new target! When he decides on something, usually it happens. Perhaps within a short time you will read here the story about us sailing on the open sea ;)

Here is the winner of the most beautiful boat that sunny morning.


Port Ginesta -The Beauty of our dreams

The Beauty of our dreams



Fish, seafood and other sea stuff

Port Ginesta is a really great place to drink the coffee in the sun (as I said at the beginning) and eat almost alive, fresh and delicious seafood. Usually we just ask for the drinks and big portion of Patatas Bravas (Catalan fries) but there are many others that treat themselves with colorful fish that I am not able to name. I must admit it looks really good and smells even better.



Port Ginesta -The window full of colors

The window full of colours


On the photo below, there is the real fishing boat, and the seafood restaurant at the back.


Port Ginesta -Fishing boat

Fishing boat


That part of Castelldefels has another interesting place. My favorite piece of beach that regular  tourist has no idea about.


Port Ginesta -Towards the beach

Towards the beach

This to be continued in another article…



Location: Port Ginesta is located at the end of Castelldefels beach towards South (around 20 km from Barcelona)
How To Get There: The easiest is to take the Rodalies train from Barcelona Sants and get off at Castelldefels Playa. Be careful, not all of the trains stops there. Check it before entering the train. When you leave the train, head towards the beach and turn right. Then it’s a really nice walk of around 3 km.
Train Tickets: It is still Zone 1 so the normal ticket as within Barcelona works here


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  • taki jest stan aktualny pogody u Was?? Piekne miejsce na przejazdzke rowerowa.

  • Hej! A jak na razie ciągle bije rekordy jak na listopad. Noce wciąż ciepłe, a w dzień słońce grzeje. Rewelacja

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