Zanzibar island – the mixture of cultures and spices

Zanzibar island surprised me in many ways. I was expecting beautiful beach with white sand and turquoise water, black people and exotic spices.  The island although small, has much more to offer than just what I mentioned. A lot more.  The history of the island is quite rich and dynamic therefore the mixture of the cultures is quite impressive.

Religions, skin colours and the people of Zanzibar

The mix is amazing. At 4 o’clock every morning I was awaken by Islamic religious singing from the mosque. Apart from Allah, Bob Marley seems to be a local hero here as well. Especially among so called ‘Rastas’. They are Catholics and they work in bars were alcohol is served and reggae music is played all day long.

Zanzibar island - 'Rasta' Bar - best chill out zone on Zanzibar

‘Rasta’ Bar – best chill out zone on Zanzibar

There are Maasai wearing their typical red outfits, with long sticks and strangely stretched ears. To me, Maasai are definitely the most interesting and most beautiful group of Tanzania. I refer to the men. I am not sure if I have actually seen a Maasai women. Below the photo I took with them. The one on the left was quite proud and did not really want to pose, but I had to take the opportunity, as I was not sure if I could have another chance like that.

Zanzibar island - With Maasai 'friends' - the one on the left was quite proud and not very keen to pose

With Maasai ‘friends’


The women that we saw

In general men are seen all over the place, working in restaurant, hotels, shops, boats and women not so much. On Zanzibar island, women work a lot in the ocean with harvesting seaweed but that is about it where they can be seen. They stay more around the house, taking care of the kids, cooking or organizing the food.

Zanzibar island-Seaweed plantation - hard work all year round

Seaweed plantation – hard work all year round


Zanzibar island-With the high tide comes, it's time to leave the ocean

With the high tide comes, it’s time to leave the ocean


The mixture

On Zanzibar island we met – Arabic, Indian, Christians, Maasai and Mzungu (white people). That’s a lot as for such a small island.  That kind of mixture nowadays sounds a bit dangerous.  I hope it will continue in peace.

Zanzibar island- zanzibar beach


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