Zanzibar spice tour – the “spicy” experience

Zanzibar spice tour is a typical must do thing while visiting Zanzibar. We took the chance and did not regret it.

As everything in Africa: the flowers, fruits, spices and people – all of it was full of colors.

In May there are no queues, not many tourists and the prices are lower on Zanzibar island. That is the good part of traveling in low season. This time also when we arrived to Spice Farm in the morning, the guide was already waiting for us and only 5 of us, we had his full attention. To be honest, I did not expect this to be very entertaining. Eventually I was quite surprised how exotic and interesting the Zanzibar spice tour appeared to be.

Zanzibar spice tour - zanzibar spice farm

Spice Farm near Stone Town


The Spice Guide

The guide was an exotic material himself. Tall, well dressed, speaking English very well, totally charismatic. The fact he was missing his front tooth made him even more interesting. He was telling the spice story the way it make the whole thing sound very sexy.

Zanzibar spice tour - spice tour guide


The Fruits

There are not many type of fruits in Zanzibar, but whatever you try is absolutely delicious, juicy and smells incredibly good. There are many types of banana on the island. The funny story is connected to one that is called ‘Red Mzungu Banana’ with light red skin. As ‘Mzungu’, people in Tanzania describe tourists and generally white people. I asked then, why it is called ‘Red’ while Mzungu is white. “Because it is the color of Mzungu skin” – I heard. I am guessing all the ‘white’ Mzungu that come to Zanzibar transform in ‘red’ or at least ‘pink’ Mzungu few hours after arrival. That’s why the banana is called red.

Zanzibar spice tour - zanzibar bananas

Bananas – fresh from the tree

Zanzibar spice tour - zanzibar papaya

Tasty papaya



I use lots of different spices while cooking. I am never afraid to use something new and put some new flavor to my dinner. But I never think about how the thing look like before they put it in a bag and deliver to the shop. At the spice farm I had a good chance to see what is that I am actually using in my kitchen.

The color of the pepper depends on the moment of picking up the fruits. It starts with green, then it turns red and finish with black. It tastes differently on every stage.

Zanzibar spice tour - zanzibar pepper

Green Pepper


I never knew (or rather never thought about it) but ginger, that I use on a daily basis in the kitchen, is a root. When we got one, freshly pulled out from the ground to smell, I thought – using ginger will never be the same for me. It was so intense! I loved it.


Zanzibar spice tour - ginger leaves

Ginger leaves


The most interesting story the guide told us about nutmeg. First surprise was that it really colorful and the second that it smells beautifully. Again, so much more intense than the one I know. The Zanzibar story behind the nutmeg is that it is used as ‘female viagra’. The nutmeg tea is made and the bride to be is to drink it for 3 days before her wedding and then… well.. you can just imagine what happens…The smile on the guide face was quite straightforward :)


Zanzibar spice tour - zanzibar nutmeg

Nutmeg – female viagra

Cosmetics and Dolce&Gabbana Zanzibar sunglasses.

It is commonly known that it is not possible to live without cosmetics and fashion accessories. On Zanzibar it is cheaper than anywhere else to do the make up and find some nice sun glasses. It can all be found in the forest.


Zanzibar spice tour - Zanzibar lipstick

Zanzibar lipstick

Zanzibar spice tour - Doing the make up

Doing the make up


So after the make up was done, I was just missing designer sun glasses. And here I got…:


zanzibar spice tour - sunglasses

Fashion sunglasses

At the end of the tour we had fruit lunch prepared by the local people and that was it.

We left happy, knowledgable and beautiful :)

Zanzibar spice tour - Flower Spicy Power

Flower Spicy Power


Zanzibar spice tour – travel tips:

- the tour cost around 25$/person however this is the cost only for your driver
- there is not entry fee but you are expected to tip your guide at the end
- keep change (tip) for people who will show you various entertainment  during your trip (fruits, palm tree climbing, etc)
- you will be able to buy spices and soap during your trip
- never accept the first price given, I usually reply with half of money from the first offer and pay around 60% at the end of the deal.

Some good reviews could be also found on Tripadvisor


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